After the success of  Vanara Cover contest
we are thrilled to announce a dance contest!


Guidelines for participants:

Imagine you are living in the last remaining forest in the world. A place of refuge called Vanara.
On the edge of survival, you rely on your fellow tribespeople to keep you safe from harm.
To protect yourself from the dangers of living in the wilderness, you develop a unique physical language that enables you to communicate with the creatures and elements of the forest. The people of Vanara use dance to create an expression of the powers they hold, the dangers they face and the affinity they hold with nature.  They are primal warriors dancing for heir survival.

In response to the music and video examples provided, we invite you to create a short solo that expresses your interpretation of what it means to live in the world of Vanara. Choose one of the three pieces of music provided, the one that most inspires you and send us your video for the chance to win a rewarding prize.

All styles are welcome and we encourage you to be bold and brave with your approach.

Your solo should respond creatively to the music.
Take inspiration from the video footage (as a reference only).
Be authentic to your way of moving.


To enter the contest please:

– Write an email to with object DANCE CONTEST to receive a wetransfer file with:
A) The brief
B) 3 different tracks with Vanara’s music to choose from.
C) A video with dance examples and inspiration.

– Film your solo with your device of preference. Be creative on where to shoot the video. (eg. your living room or a local outdoor space)
Your response should comply with relevant social distancing measures and respect location restrictions helping to reduce the spread of Covid-19.
– Send your video (.MOV or .Mpg in High Res) and a short bio to our email: (exclusively via
– Submit your video by 22:00 GMT, June 25th, 2020
– Once entries close, we will select a shortlist of 15 finalists. We’ll upload the videos on our Facebook page and will open that shortlist up for public voting
– Voting starts from 2pm GMT, July 6th and will close at 22:00 GMT, July 14th, 2020
– On the 20th of July, a grand jury(*), composed of Vanara’s production team and special guests will identify the final winner amongst the 5 most voted artists


The lucky winner will receive a grand prize worth £500 which include:
– £200 cash prize
– Vanara’s Piano Vocal Scores
– 35min video of excerpts from our workshop in May
– Vanara’s concept album and workshop live cd
– 4 Vanara’s backing tracks
– 2 tickets to attend Vanara’s premiere in London

Last but not least, one of the 15 finalists may get the chance to be selected to take part to the official auditions for the original London production of the show in 2021 and the 5 most voted videos will be published on our social media channels.



Eleesha Drennan (Choreographer), Raffaele Paganini (Dancer and Choreographer), Stina Quagebeur (Dancer and Choreographer), Giovanna Romagnoli (Producer), Mathieu Geffre’ (Dancer and Choreographer), Jemima Brown (Dancer), Gianluca Cucchiara (Composer),  Edoardo Romagnoli (Online Manager).