Dear Vanara’s friends,

2020 has been an exceedingly difficult year for everyone, with Covid-19 bringing unprecedent turmoil worldwide and restrictions being imposed limiting any chance of togetherness and celebration.

Needless to say, the entertainment sector has been heavily penalized, but we have not stopped believing in the thrill of attending a live event, putting in the hard work to ensure the high level of production and quality that we are eager to bring to stage.

We are thrilled to announce that Vanara The Musical will open in London by the end of 2021!! Are you ready?
This is a call to action. In this moment, where everything seems paralyzed by fear and uncertainty, we ask for your support and contribution as we work towards our goal. Culture must re-start! We need everyone’s support including yours! Is not just our dream but the dream of many young artist that are eager to go back to perform and make art to create joy and inspire others. Any donation is welcome and greatly appreciated! You can also select amongst the options below and receive the prize of your choice.

Alternatively, you can make a payment via bank transfer using the following account details: IBANGB81HBUK40052681859412 | BICHBUKGB4107L | SORT CODE: 40-05-26 | ACCOUNT81859412

Small action can make a big difference, is the value of everyone’s effort that really counts.



Personal acknowledgment from Vanara’s producers. £10

CD London Cast album 2021 and personal acknowledgment. £25

CD, personal acknowledgment and limited edition T-Shirt. £50

CD, personal acknowledgment and Video Back Stage. £150

CD, personal acknowledgment and 2 tickets for Vip Night (Show & Party). £250

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