Today we see division, strife and the desire for power divide us. Our differences set us against one another. So we want to tell a simple story where differences are overcome by a life force invisible and inexplicable; where humans from different tribes are ultimately brought together through the strength and courage of their children.

A story where we are connected with the world around us, and the sharing of fire is the only way to survive.

In an age when the secret of fire was the difference between life or death.A�In a world where the bond between humans and nature was sacred.A�Two young lovers are drawn together in a timeless story of passion and sacrifice told in a language both lyrical and visceral.

In our version, star crossed lovers, Ayla and Mohr belong to different tribes, divided by the possession of fire.A�The Children of the Sun have it. The Clan of the Stone want it.


SPOTLIGHT: Vanara’s Concept Album