Vanara the musical is set in a time when, due to greed and thoughtless expansion, the human race barely survives and in a place where the last remaining forest is a symbol of peace and thanksgiving. We begin at the dawn of another crisis: a long night of cold and darkness that threatens everything these people have fought for. The Kogallisk, servants of the moon who live on a mountain and can call fire at their will, think they are ready for the long night. The Pana, servants of the sun who are forced to follow it around as they hunt and gather, know they cannot survive much without stealing the fire from their enemies. These two tribes live in an uneasy peace thanks to the Oroznah, an aged mystic, who begins our story by leading the tribes in their annual trade ceremony in preparation for the coming winter within the borders of their sacred forest.

Chaos erupts when Mohr, a young leader of the Pana, and Ayla, heir to Tonah (leader of the Kogallisk), accidentally touch. The Oroznah reminds them that their truce forbids any violence in the forest. Tahl, leader of the Pana and Mohr’s father, asks once again for the secret of fire to protect people, but Tonah refuses: protecting the fire is her sacred duty. As the Kogallisk return to their mountain, Ayla wonders why things must stay the way they are. Mohr has remained in the forest to watch Ayla and has overheard her questioning the status quo.

Back at the Pana camp, Caladar, Mohr’s hot-headed brother, teases Mohr about the Oroznah’s prediction of a natural disaster. Mohr believes what she has said and supports his father’s quest for peace with the Kogallisk (Caladar does not). Sindah, Mohr’s intended, pushes Mohr to accept things as they are, but Mohr feels something is changing.

Mohr leaves the camp in search of Ayla. Back in the forest, Ayla prays to the moon asking for a sign, Mohr appears and she sees that the Pana is not different from what the Kogallisk are. Realising that Mohr has never seen a fire, Ayla shows him how she can make one.

When they finally part, Ayla runs into the Oroznah who tries to make her see that the long night is actually coming and soon. Ayla returns to the Kogallisk camp and larns that she is betrothed to Rooh. She confides that she does not love Rooh and pushes Tonah to let her live the life she wants, not the life they want for her.

Ayla sleeps and dreams of the long night and the death of her people. Mohr wakes her (he has risked his life by entering the Kogallisk camp) and she begs him to go but he refuses. When Rooh sees Mohr there, he captures him and the rest of the Kogallisk (led by Tonah) keep Mohr prisoner. Sindah, who has followed Mohr, finds Ayla and together they free Mohr from Rooh’s prison. In their struggle to escape, Mohr accidentally kills Lordu, Ayla’s little brother.

As she holds Lordu in her arms, Ayla sees that this is a result of her actions. Sindah and Mohr escape. Tonah mourns her son as the Kogallisk prepare his body for burial. Once Lordu is laid to rest, Tonah promises to avenge his death.

Back at the Pana camp, Tahl and his mate Utza (unaware of what has transpired) tease each other about the fact that they do not possess the secret of fire.

When Sindah and Mohr arrive. Mohr proves he has learned how to make fire but regrets his actions at the Pana camp. When Mohr explains what happens, Caladar convinces Mohr to run away, knowing that the Kogallisk will be looking to avenge Lordu’s death. when Mohr leaves, Caladar reveals his true intent: to become the leader of the Pana and fight the war to end all wars. Meanwhile Tonah and her husband Crohm plan their as Ayla questions everything, including the fact that she still loves Mohr.

Though they are separated, their hearts are one and so our hero and heroine wonder what they can do to stop the coming war and bring their people together. When Ayla begs Tonah to prevent the war, Rooh reveals the fact that Ayla has given Mohr the secret of fire.

When Ayla is banished, he takes her place as leader of the Kogallisk troupes. Sindah wonders if Mohr will ever return to her and his people. But Mohr sits alone far away wondering if running away was the right thing to do for his people and how he can prove himself worthy of the love he desires. The Oroznah appears and shows Mohr the path of the sun and makes him realise the long night is coming now. Mohr runs to save his people and Ayla’s. But is he too late?

The two tribes are fighting already. Through the chaos, Ayla sees that Tonah is about to kill Tahl. She throws herself in front of her mother’s spear. Seeing an under-handed opportunity, Caladar attacks Tonah from behind, killing her instantly and without honour. The two tribes come together to give Tonah a proper burial atop a great pyre as Ayla says her goodbyes. As they finish, the sun sets for the last time in a hundred years.

Ayla lights a fire and then shares it with everyone onstage until every face glows by firelight in the darkness of the long night. They set Tonah’s pyre alight and leave the forest in search of a new home as the Oroznah offers her blessing.

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